This depends on several factors. The best way to get the right answer is to give our team a call. Once we get an understanding of your project, we will be able to advise on the most suitable product – we’ll also provide full details on why we believe this to be the best choice for you.
Delivery will be made to the public highway directly outside of the property. You will need to ensure that there is adequate parking on-site for our vehicles.

The concrete mixers that will deliver your mix are approximately 11m long and 3m wide. We generally ask for about six car parking spaces for our vehicles to fit comfortably. If access to the site is limited, we can offer a truck mounted concrete pumping service.

If you are worried about access, please contact us and speak to us directly. We can generally advise over the phone or can even arrange a site visit.

The best thing to do if you have limited access is to start by removing as many obstructions as possible such as parked cars, skips etc. Our ground line pumps and boom pumps can deliver through tricky access routers such as over walls, around corners or even upstairs.
We recommend that a standard residential driveway should be between 10cm and 16cm thick, but this entirely depends on the type of vehicles that will use the driveway. To ensure you get the right mix of concrete, the right strength of concrete, and the right amount of concrete, speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help.
This depends entirely on the conditions of the ground beneath the slab or patio. As a general rule of thumb, for a shed that is going to hold lightweight storage, we would recommend a slab of around 8cm. Give our team a call and discuss your project with them; they’re always happy to offer advice to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

To ensure that you comply with building control guidance, concrete foundations for an extension of anything up to 2 storeys should be constructed at a minimum depth of between 75cm (750mm) and 100cm (1000mm). Strip foundations should be a minimum width of 60cm (600mm) and a thickness of 23cm (230mm). Trench fill foundations should have a minimum width of 45cm (450mm) and a minimum thickness of 50cm (500mm) of concrete.

There are of course many other factors to consider when laying foundations, and our experienced team are always happy to discuss your project and advise on the exact mix and quantity of mix you will require to complete the work.

Wet concrete can burn and cause dermatitis. We advise caution when handling concrete including the use of suitable, watertight gloves.
Our team allow 10 minutes per cubic meter, or up to 60 minutes to offload (whichever comes first).

Traditional sand and cement-based screeds are still used in the majority of screeding projects undertaken across the UK, they’re also a very cost-effective screeding solution. You can add many different types of additives to help reduce shrinkage, prevent surface cracking, increase working time, and much more (see our range of admixtures. Our traditional screed is mixed on site so there is absolutely no wastage.

Our floor screed can accept light foot traffic after just 4 days and is completely dry in 7 days.

Yes, pump hire comes with fully trained pump operatives. Our team will set the pump up, operate it and get the concrete pumped to wherever you need it on site.
Yes, our grab hire service comes with a fully trained operator.
Yes, trade accounts are available to all of our commercial customers, please contact us on 020 858 999 00 to request a trade account form. Credit accounts may be available to some customers, but terms and conditions will apply, and acceptance of a credit account is at the discretion of Singh Concrete management.
We accept payment by card (Debit, Credit, and AMEX), as well as BACS payments, cheque, and cash.

Many of our customers enjoy free delivery. When we do have to charge for delivery – such as for very small deliveries, or where the delivery is travelling a long distance from one of our depots – we charge a very reasonable amount.

We offer both same and next day delivery and usually provide a two-hour delivery window.

No. Call us to discuss your requirements.
Some of our depots offer a concrete collection service. However, be sure to call us and place an order in advance.
Simply call us and speak to one of our experts who will talk through your requirements and book the order on for you. You can pay card over the phone, by BACS, or by cash. It can take as little as 2-3 minutes to place an order with us.

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