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Meet the Team

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Our talented team comprises of people from all walks of life. Our unit is made of people in the following roles:

  • Founders
  • Managers
  • Drivers
  • Operatives
  • Yard Foremen
  • Office Support
  • General Assistants

Here are some funky facts about our peopleĀ 

One of us is an aspiring pilot

One of us is a veteran

One of us has settled in over four different countries

One of us is the chairman to a well known darts club

One of us travels over 30 miles to come to work

One of us spent years as a high school teacher

One of us is a registered healthcare professional

One of us goes to bed at 7pm

One of us spends over five hours a day on facetime

One of us has missed over four return flights when returning from different holidays

One of us once traveled to Spain in search of a Spanish girlfriend

One of us used to serve in the army

One of us is a professional drum player and has been on a world music tour

Join our team and tell us a funky fact about you!

“Our people is what makes us great”

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