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Types Of Concrete

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Types of concrete and their strengths

Concrete can be produced using different materials in varying ratios to get the most suitable mix for the project. There are several types of concrete mixes which can be used for countless applications

Singh Concrete can supply a number of different mixes suitable for various projects depending on your requirements.

We supply commercial concrete or domestic concrete for your projects.

Commonly used for both commercial and domestic applications, C7/7 or Gen 0 can be used for a number of general applications such as domestic foundations, blinding and kerb bedding.

Extremely versatile, used throughout the construction industry and has a number of general housing applications.  

Ideal for Foundations for steps, trench fill, floor blinding & drainage works.

C15 concrete or Gen 2 concrete is suitable for house floors with no embedded metal. It is commonly used if there is no permanent finish or floor covering to be installed, such as carpet or tile.  

Ideal for: Foundations for small walls, sheds & conservatories. Paving for steps and paths.

Concrete at this strength is often applied on domestic floors and foundations where the weight of overall structures on the concrete will be lighter.  

Ideal for: Foundations for large walls, garages, houses & extensions. Paving for patios. Reinforced bases & oversites for conservatories, garages, sheds, greenhouses.

Widely versatile and can be used in a number of commercial and domestic projects. Although the most use is for footings and foundations, including mass concrete fill, trench fill and reinforced fill, as well as general groundworks, it can also be used for kerbing, infilling around manholes and small bases for external furniture, such as patios.  

Ideal for: Foundations and reinforced bases for houses & extensions. Trench fill, kerbing & patios.


C35 | PAV 2

Designed to be used in areas of high loads and to sustain heavy loads and scraping. This heavy duty concrete can be used for raft foundations and slabbing for surfaces used by heavy vehicles. PAV2 has an additive to help protect against the freeze-thaw cycles when used outdoors.  

Ideal for: Reinforced bases for commercial buildings and agricultural light storage areas.

A strong commercial grade concrete mix that could be for areas subject to heavy traffic and nigh wear and tear be it through machinery, plant or equipment. It is most commonly used in the construction of structural and support beams, footings and foundations, roadworks, and in agricultural use.  

Ideal for: Yard, Industrial parks, HGV parking, septic tank foundation

Volumetric concrete

Decorative Concrete

Fibre Concrete

Fibres can be added to most strengths of concrete which acts like a mesh to enhance the strength of the concrete and reduce the need for rebar whilst also reducing effects like cracking.

Ideal for: Domestic builds, light commercial projects, industrial floors and external hardstanding.


  • Fibres – enhanced strength
  • Plasticisers – free flowing, better workability
  • Retarding agents – reduce rate of setting
  • Accelerating chemicals – increase rate of setting
  • Corrosion inhibitors – reduce corrosion of steel rebars

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