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Concrete Pumps

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Here at Singh Concrete we also offer concrete pump hire. Our concrete pump hire service will ensure your concrete is pumped to the exact location with minimal labour and high efficiency.

We have a highly experienced team of operative that will ensure you save cost of labour and time.

What is a Concrete Pump?

A concrete pump is a machine which is used to transfer liquid concrete from the location of concrete lorry via a pipeline to where the concrete is required.

Benefits of hiring a concrete pump:

Concrete pumping is the most efficient way to deliver concrete to the exact location it is required, especially if the site is difficult to access with wheel barrows, or you have placed a large order.

  • Time Saving
  • Areas with restricted access
  • Much cleaner than using a wheel barrow
  • Save money on labour cost
  • Can go around obstacles or long distances

Singh Concrete can supply the following types of pumps:  –

Boom pump

Boom pumps are ideally when the access is restricted and/or there are obstacles. Without the need to remove obstacle, you can get the concrete to the required place by going over the obstacle.

Ground pump or line pump

Ground pumps also known as line pumps are fantastic when access is restricted and/or you need to pump the concrete to a distance. Ground pumps are highly effective for restricted access as all our line pumps come fitted on a 7.5ton lorry, which means you get the exact great product but access required is smaller than a normal truck.

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