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Our State of the art Fleet

At Singh Concrete, we are continually ungrading and adding to our fleet to ensure excellent customer service. Our trucks are fitted with state of the art mobile batching equipment designed to ensure you get the exact mix you require. With safety in mind our vehicles are also fitted with 360 degree camera to ensure our operators have the best view and can enter difficult to access areas without any problems.

  • 24/7 service available
  • Competitive prices
  • Affordable concrete, screed and pump hire
  • Delivery available in 2 hour time slots
  • Reliable and efficeint service. Quality Concrete

Concrete Mixers

All of our concrete mixers are designed to allow rapid on-site mixing. Raw materials such as sand, stone, cement, admixtures and water are carried in separate compartments and mixed on site using computer calibrated mixing. Our top of range mixing equipment allows you to get any grade of concrete in varying consistencies whilst only paying for what you use.

Concrete Pumps

Our concrete pumps are mounted on smaller HGVs to allow flexible and convenient pumping of concrete. Our ground line pumps can pump concrete to a distance in excess of 140 meters. Our city pumps are ideal for use in areas of difficult access, long distance runs or to simply reduce manpower requirement whilst reducing labour cost.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Screed

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Line Pump
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Concrete Calculator

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